Arthur J. Morris, Class of 1971

Founder of the largest real estate closing firm in the nation

Arthur J. MorrisArthur Morris is a co-founder and senior partner of Morris Hardwick Schneider, PC, the largest real estate closing firm in the country, handling more than 36,000 closings annually. Morris also manages the operations of the firm’s title company, LandCastle Title. Morris launched his career in the real estate business when he moved to Atlanta after finishing law school. He started a small firm handling real estate closings, which eventually expanded to 75 offices around the southeastern United States. When the real estate market began to slow down, he started a foreclosure business, Morris, Schneider & Prior, which grew to have 600 employees in 6 states. He also launched an online billing service called New Invoice, which he later sold to Fidelity. Morris serves as commissioner of telecommunications for the state of Georgia and is a member of the Georgia Board of Public Broadcasting.