James Kent Loyalty Society

The namesake of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chancellor James Kent was the first professor of law at Columbia College, appointed in 1793 before Columbia University instituted its law school. He also was a practitioner, having served 25 years as a state judge in New York, before he became a law professor. Chancellor Kent invented legal scholarship, presenting a series of lectures at Columbia in the 1820s, and then publishing them as the Commentaries on American Law, characterized by one recent writer as "the most influential American law book of the ante-bellum period."

The James Kent Loyalty Society celebrates members of the Chicago-Kent community who have made a gift, regardless of amount, for five or more consecutive fiscal years.  A group within this society — Lifetime Members — have donated to Chicago-Kent for 25 or more consecutive years. We take every opportunity to recognize members of the James Kent Loyalty Society—in publications, at events, and online.


James Kent Loyalty Society

Lifetime Members*

Cynthia P. Anderson '86

Lawrence J. Bassuk '75

Hon. Peter J .Birnbaum '83

Robert F. Blyth '86

Edward M. Burnes '77

Richard E. Conser '88

J.B. deRosset ‘82

Thomas R. Dodegge ‘74

James R. Dowdall '53

Joan M. Eagle '83 (D)

Hon. James E. Egan '73

Herbert Elliott ‘75

Stephen B. Engelman '76

Richard G. Flood ‘76

Michael Galvin '76

George H. Gordon, Jr. '67

Gordon A. Greenberg '80 & Patricia L. Collins

Murray B. Greenberg '79

Dolores K. Hanna '52 (D)

David W. Hansen '84

Martin F. Hauselman '60 & Lois Hauselman

Charlotte M. Kaplow '80

Gertrude Kasakoff (D)

Colleen A. Khoury '75


Walter M. Langford '71 (D)

Saul L. Langsam ‘74

Janice E. Linn ‘'82 & S. Richard Pincus

Prof. Martin H. Malin

Robert E. McKenzie ‘79

Adrienne B. Naumann '84

Steven T. Naumann '88

Jo Lynne Nugent-Stimmel '89

William J. Payne '84

Hon. Richard R. Rochester '59 (D)

Ben M. Roth '75

Robert T. Ruff '57

Robert M. Sarnoff '68

Ronald B. Schwartz '80

Nancy T. Siedlecki '80

Mary Anne Smith '77

James G. Sporleder '76

Steven E. Stroh '64

Prof. Mary Rose Strubbe '81

Andrew D. Thomas '67

Joel D. Weisman '69 & Analee Weisman

Eitan Weltman '79

Hon. Bernard B. Wolfe ‘37 (D)


(D) indicates deceased.
*List is current as of October 16, 2019.