ConneKtions @ Dinner Week

ConneKtions @ Dinner  Week is an opportunity for alumni in Chicago to host a small group of students and recent graduates at local restaurants or open their homes to students for small dinner parties, bringing together students, alumni and faculty in a friendly environment for good food, conversation, camaraderie and to build a stronger Chicago-Kent community. It provides students and recent graduates an opportunity to network with alumni, learn more about life after law school, and to see how Chicago-Kent links its past to its future. 


The next ConneKtions @ Dinner will be held October 16-23, 2022.

How to participate?  

It’s simple! Local alumni are invited to host dinners (our experience has been to keep the group size to no more than 12 participants), at no cost to their guests, for a group of students or recent graduates. You are welcome to invite a faculty member or two to join you as well. Gatherings can be as formal or as casual as the host desires and can take place in the host’s home, outdoors, or at a restaurant. Dinners can range from a catered affair to a BBQ.  You can also decide to have a particular practice area or topic as the focus of your dinner so that students interested in a specific practice area can meet with alumni with experience in that area. Alumni are also welcome to join together to co-host – as many as three alumni co-hosts are welcome. 

What support can you expect to receive from the Chicago-Kent Alumni Association? 

Alumni need only to sign up to host a dinner, select a location, decide upon the number of guests, plan the menu and enjoy the evening. The Chicago-Kent Alumni Association will take care of logistics – sending invitations to students and faculty, notifying students of the time and location of their dinner, and facilitating the process, etc. You can expect to receive a list of the students who will be joining you 24 hours prior to your scheduled dinner. 

Serving as a host benefits you and current Chicago-Kent students.  

The program is designed to be as rewarding for the alumni hosts as it is for students. As a participant, you will help bridge the gap between students and alumni, and it is the perfect opportunity to share your experiences and mentor current students. All alumni hosts will also be eligible to receive gift-in-kind credit for the cost of providing the dinner. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni Association at